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Feel free to use my resources as you want, be it in free or commercial games, edited how you want, as bases for your own sprites, or for non-RPG Maker stuff (but don't ask me how to convert them to use in other programs XD) Just be sure to credit me!

I'm afraid I'm not taking requests/commissions/otherwise assisting with your games, sorry!

I get asked a lot what program I use for spriting. The answer to that is Paint Shop Pro. :)


  • 3/19/16 - It's been ten years since I opened this site! :D Good grief! I really wanted to have an actual update for today, but I recently had some computer issues and had to wipe it clean and start over! I only just got RPG Maker back on it today. And even though I'd made some new sprites before the fiasco, and I did save everything, I can't find them... siiigh. Oh, and I do have RPG Maker MV now, but I just can't get into the sprite style!! I am resistant to change, apparently.

    Edit: Augh, now I remember! I'd saved all my spriting stuff back when my computer was having issues months before the big crash! And neglected to save the things I did after that. I'm an idiot... There were several random clothing sprites, Spider-Man, and a couple elaborate Elsa sprites. Grr. So to those of you who have been wanting Frozen's Elsa... sorry. After the time invested in making that sprite, I doubt I'll be doing it again. -_-
  • 9/24/15 - Random Disney character update. I'd made a bunch of Disney sprites ages ago and didn't update because... Idunno. I guess I kept expecting to make a bunch more before updating, but haven't had time. I'm such a huge Disney nerd. XD I still love the parks. I just recently went to the Tokyo park again!
  • 8/16/14 - Lordy. It has almost been eight and a half years since my first update on this site. And even that update was saying "Moved to a new site!" I don't even remember when I originally started. I have been doing this way too long... XD Anyway, a bunch of new Marvel sprites today. :)
  • 7/14/13 - Another wild update appears. Do people still use XP anymore...? I know I never cared for the versions that came after (I honestly don't even know what they're up to anymore, even). XD Anyhoo. My random spriting has now delved into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ah, Avengers, how I love you...
  • 3/30/12 - Don't have a heart attack, but I'm posting an update! I know, right? I made a bunch of Hetalia sprites for a game (Nyotalia and Cardverse, to be exact) so I thought I'd post those.
  • 3/11/10 - Hola. Long time no see. Rather small update today, sadly: one steampunk character and a few more for Hetalia (because I can't stop obsessing!).
  • 12/20/09 - Urgh. Been rather busy around here. x_x So yes, I am waay behind in replying to emails. I'll try and get to that after Christmas! Hopefully. But in the meantime, here's a couple holiday sprites in misc. and a couple Disney sprites.
  • 11/14/09 - There's actually a fairly big update this time. Mainly because I'd made a bunch of sprites ages ago that I was waiting to upload for... some reason or other. I guess I wanted to add more to the set, but meh. I can always update again when I have more. So we've got a bunch of traditional costumes from around the world. I make no promises about authenticity! If there's a mistake, have a word with Google's image search. XD And also some pirates, and some more steampunk people. Oh yeah, and Ryuk from Death Note.
  • 10/8/09 - Just a mini-update. I got back a few days ago from spending my birthday at Disneyland! It was fabulous. One person guessed my age as eight years younger than I am. XD Awesome. Anyhoo, just a couple Aerith sprites today.
  • 9/19/09 - Eeep. I'm not dead! Really. *bow* Just been really busy lately. New job (it's funny... I've been asked a few times what I do. Nobody has batted an eye when I tell them "EMR preloader". XD) And I finally got a PSP. So thanks to actually having money, as well as leftover gift cards to Amazon and whatnot, I have like three games at once to play. So all of that, plus everything else that goes on in real life... Yeah. Not much internet time. lol Here. I'll toss in a (small) links page! If nothing else, maybe you'll find some new Final Fantasy sprites! I do get asked for those an awful lot. :)
  • 7/24/09 - Hey look... an update. Erm. I'll, like, try and answer some emails soon, really. Blargh. So, the update is a bunch of Shadow Hearts characters, some Final Fantasy VIII uniforms (with heads and without for customizing), and some more Hetalia characters, based on their 'teenage' sketches.
  • 6/27/09 - No update, just wanted to let people know I was alive... and I wanted to apologize to anyone who's sent me emails recently. It's been a REALLY bad few weeks, and I'm just not up to replying... So here's a collective "Hello, thank you for the nice words, no I'm not doing requests right now, sorry." :)
  • 5/29/09 - So, lessee here. More elves were requested, there's more elves. Also some Loveless characters and some Fatal Frame characters. And I updated my own sprites, for the heck of it.
  • 4/14/09 - A fairly big update. Like... around 50 sprites. *dies* Though actually, it involved a lot of recoloring of the same outfits and hairstyles so it didn't take as long as it looks. Anyway, yeah, pretty much the entire cast of Axis Powers Hetalia. I love Hetalia... Especially France, America, and England. XD
  • 3/31/09 - So things are better now, computer-wise. Mostly. I saved all my RMXP games and stuff to CDs, but can't get them off... either the CDs are messed up, or the CD drive is, or both. Bah. Ah well. Sooo, I have some sprites I've done. A few Death Note characters, a few steampunk characters, and a couple FF characters (specifically, LeBlanc and Shuyin from X-2).
  • 2/23/09 - I'm afraid I'm going to have to officially consider myself on hiatus. My computer is about dead. I'm lucky it's even on now, I've been going days at a time where it won't work at all. Neither my beloved Firefox nor even IE work, I'm having to use a crappy substitute browser! Paint programs definitely aren't functioning. So until I get a new computer (Hopefully within the next couple months. Donations from generous family members have helped add to the fund! I myself am able to contribute about ten cents) no more spriting for me. Just wanted to let people know. :) I'll see you when I see you.
  • 2/12/09 - An all FF4 update. All FF4, all the time! (Family joke. We like that expression ever since being amused by the radio station that played 'all Hawaiian, all the time' when we were visiting said state once.) Anyhoo, I touched up some of the sprites I'd already done, except for Rosa and Golbez. And added a few new ones, including a couple from The After.
  • 1/31/09 - Added a bunch of random steampunk characters inspired by costumes and things. You know what? I've been spriting for at least four years now. Man. Where does the time go?
  • 1/20/09 - Added several random NPCish type characters in the misc. section. And a bunch of FFX NPCs down in the Final Fantasy section, as well as Yuna in her wedding gown from FFX, with and without back wings.
  • 1/10/09 - Added some FF3 characters, and a gothic lolita and Harajuku girl.
  • 1/5/09 - Added some FF4 characters, including redoing the awful Rosa and Rydia sprites I'd done long ago. Especially Rosa, bleh. Ah well, we all improve!
  • 1/2/09 - Hoi. An update! My poor dying computer. I'll have to get a new one once I can afford it...in a hundred years. But it seems I can use my paint program without it crashing every five minutes now, so I finished some sprites. So I don't play any MMORPGs and have no desire to (I play on my own, I'm not into the MM aspect), but I like some of the character designs in them. I sprited some random MMORPG elves. And also a bunch of characters from one of my favorite books, Good Omens.
  • 11/25/08 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Been having some life issues here, mainly money (as in none) and work related (also as in none. If you're going to any sort of trade or technical school, ignore when your instructors tell you places like to hire recent graduates. They don't. Everyone wants experience and nothing else.) And personal issues (seriously, are there NO other sane single feminine lesbians in the world?). Oh yeah, and I probably can't do anything RMXP related anyway, my computer has somehow become all infected and hardly anything works. Goiiiii. I haven't even downloaded anything recently, how did that happen?? *dies*
  • 9/24/08 - Saw a request for a coffee shop tileset, and I thought that sounded good to me, so I made one. Also added a couple ice cream parlor bits to the candy shop tileset.
  • 9/19/08 - Added manga characters. Probably no one else has even heard of it or will use the sprites, but Gorgeous Carat is my favorite manga ever, so I wanted to sprite them! I'm just happy that Azura, who's manly enough in the manga, turned out somewhat masculine in sprite form with his robe and long hair. *giggle*
  • 9/16/08 - Did a wedding theme, with tileset and characters.
  • 9/8/08 - Bunch of anime sprites. Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic!, and I saw a request for Slayers and I've liked Slayers for about nine years, so I did some of them, too!
  • 8/24/08 - Few random sprites of modern Japanese girls. Some gothic lolitas, some Harajuku girls.
  • 8/16/08 - Oof. Busy busy. I'm almost done with my medical assisting extern! Been working for a pediatrician. And I'm sick. I made it through four weeks of sick kids and sick coworkers, and got a cold with one day left. Of course...

    So I'll finally toss up some sprites I've done when I had free time and was in the mood. Lessee. Some random Egyptian chick I did for the heck of it, the last FFT job class I hadn't done yet (oracles), and a couple Maria-sama ga Miteru characters. Back I go to watch some Olympics. *addicted*
  • 6/22/08 - I like the watery cliffs in the mine tileset. So I made some addons of watery cliffs for some of the other tilesets!
  • 5/30/08 - Did some Indiana Jones sprites. Go Indy! I've been a fan since I was like four (young enough that I had to cover my eyes when nazi-boy melted). I plan on seeing the new one for a second time soon. Suck it, Indy 4 haters! *giggle* Just kidding.

    Anyhoo, on a serious note, I really am not taking requests. It says so right up there. But I still get requests almost every day! If you've sent an email and didn't get a response, it's probably because you included a request (though I did reply to the more persistant person who felt the need to repeatedly email me), and frankly, I really don't have the time and especially not the inclination to respond to a thousand emails of people who didn't read. lol Sorry if that sounds harsh.
  • 5/21/08 - More randomness. Kingdom Hearts' Kairi and Sora, Super Mario Bros' Peach and Daisy, and a tileset I hadn't intended to release. I'd just made it for my own use a while ago. I didn't think it was very good, just better than trying to make do with the RTP (it's an airplane interior, by the way.) But I figured, heck, why not release it, someone might like it!
  • 4/22/08 - A very, er... very random update. I'm not usually much of a tileset maker person, but I did a li'l candy shop. And to go with it... a devil.
  • 4/13/08 - Randomly did a sprite for Guilty Gear's Bridget. lol And pretty much the rest of the main cast of FFVI, including Celes as Maria, Relm with and without cape since I wasn't sure if I liked the cape on her or not, and... well, all the playable characters besides Gogo and Umaro. And Mog, since there is a moogle sprite already.
  • 3/13/08 - Have had some free time lately, and that has led to a decent sized Final Fantasy character update! From FFVI, Edgar and two versions of Locke (in-game and Amano), from FFVII some Honeybee Inn girls, from FFX-2 we've got Paine, and finally, two job classes: scholar and onion knight.
  • 3/8/08 - One last Naramura sprite, and FFX-2 Rikku!
  • 2/28/08 - And more Naramura sprites!
  • 2/24/08 - Did a couple more Naramura sprites. :)

    People suck. Seriously. Imagine dating someone you really like, who really likes you, you both really connect, have a lot in common, want the same things in life, think each other's really sweet and cute, yadda yadda. And that person goes on about how excited they are to see you again. Then, the next moment, they change their mind, because living about 15 miles apart at the moment is apparently just WAY too much effort to put into a relationship. *%^& you. lol
  • 2/18/08 - Yay three day weekend. So here's an update that should be a bit more useful. Some of the most requested sprites I've seen out and about are for the Naramura sets that don't have sprites. So I've done a few of those!
  • 2/14/08 - Ha ha, yeah, I'm back... Eh, life's too short to worry about something like sprites. Go nuts with them, I have fun making them, that's all that counts. :)

    What have I been up to in the meantime? Well, I'm going back to school! I am a student medical assistant! It's pretty cool. Lots of homework and studying and tests and giving each other injections and drawing each other's blood...

    So what's the exciting big return update? Well, it's not really exciting. Probably not even anything people would want to use, but I wanted to make them. First is another Sithjester sprite, of me in my navy blue school uniform scrubs. :D I prefer my cute and less-hideously-baggy pink scrubs, but we have to wear the school-issued titanic things (I got a size extra-small, they're still big!) And yes, I do wear my long hair up in a bun for class, and yes it is adorable! Also added are a couple Sweeney Todd sprites. Shut up, I liked the movie! *giggle* The sprites were fun to make. I think I really captured Johnny Depp. So... I guess someone could use them as background character sprites or something? Unless somebody out there decided to actually... make a Sweeney Todd game. lol I'd play it.

    So yeah. Expect more random spritage. I probably won't be taking requests though, yet. Dunno.
  • 9/11/07 - Well, I am officially retiring from spriting. Thanks to everyone who has sent me encouraging emails. :) But I have continued to see my sprites stolen, improved upon, and insulted, and I'm sick of it. If it keeps happening I'll take down the site. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. It was fun while it lasted, but as I've said before, this is a hobby for me. As soon as it stops being fun - and especially when it starts being upsetting - it's time to call it quits. Thanks again to everyone who has enjoyed my sprites and made it fun.
  • 8/23/07 - One last update for today. I think I'll be taking a break from spriting for a while. I was just browsing around some RPG Maker forums and apparently people aren't entirely pleased with my sprites and feel the need to 'improve' them. Needless to say, that dampens my desire to share my hard, many hours of work with the public for now. Many times I have come across people not crediting my work, or using them as bases for their own sprites without asking, but none of those are quite as insulting as somebody 'improving' my sprites, and that seems to have been cropping up lately.
  • 8/23/07 - Okay, last one for now. Um, maybe. Anyhoo, this time it's Jecht. He is the man!
  • 8/23/07 - See? Told ya. Added Rikku and Lenne!
  • 8/21/07 - Two more Final Fantasy characters: Tidus and Yuna. I've been replaying FFX so...er...expect more to come. ;)
  • 8/5/07 - Another update. That's right, two days in a row! Some new Final Fantasy VII characters: Cid, Red XIII, Rufus, and Jenova. I liked how Jenova looked without the tummy thing better, so I did it both ways.
  • 8/4/07 - Few Final Fantasy Tactics jobs today, calculator and mediator. Yay!
  • 6/27/07 - Whew! Been busy lately. With real life, other projects, and so forth. But here's a few resources, from Koudelka (including Koudelka, I finally fixed her hair), since I replayed that not long ago and felt like adding more sprites from it. Maybe someday I'll be able to sprite Elaine monster's creepy broken-limbed crawl... that would be cool lookin'.
  • 4/13/07 - I randomly felt like doing some Disney characters. lol And another Utena character was requested. :)
  • 4/6/07 - A small update. I'm loving today, it's like summer out! Anyhoo, just a couple add-ons to the FAQ. Yeah, I'm still trying to cut back on the rude demanding emails. lol And an update to the Sithjester sprites. Hey, I like my me sprites! But the Sithjester head was one of the first I did, it and the outfits have some errors that have been bugging me for a while, so I fixed them, especially with the head. And I lightened the hair color to be more like my darkish blonde. I even tried adding light blonde highlights, but didn't like the look of that, so oh well. It doesn't have to be too exact, right? Not an exciting update, but I'll do more when I feel like being inside more. :D
  • 4/2/07 - Added a bunch of Shadow Hearts characters (I've been replaying that series. Boy do I love it so!) Will probably do another soon here, I do like Killer... And there's also a couple new anime characters, Utena and Anthy.
  • 3/14/07 - So here's something a little different, a bunch of sprites from something I'm not even a fan of. *laugh* So, I've never watched Sailor Moon, but I am familiar with it, and I like some of the designs, and I like Haruka and Michiru... Anyway, some time back, someone requested Sailor Moon sprites (er, sorry, I lost your email, requester...). And I thought 'Now that's interesting, there aren't any already?' So what the heck. I made a bunch. :)
  • 3/6/07 - Added a bunch of sprites for a new theme: Discworld! :D And a couple additions to the FAQ. One of them about me, I've been called a 'he' too many times! lol
  • 2/28/07 - Added a Star Wars and some Final Fantasy VII characters.
  • 1/8/07 - Added some Shadow Hearts and Star Wars characters.
  • 1/4/07 - Couple more random anime characters, and Final Fantasy summons.
  • 1/1/07 - Happy new year! Added some Shadow hearts and misc. anime characters.
  • 12/29/06 - Added a couple FF Summons, and a Shadow Hearts character. I luuuuv Shadow Hearts!
  • 12/25/06 - Merry Christmas! Some Final Fantasy jobs and characters to celebrate with. lol
  • 12/18/06 - Take a guess. More Final Fantasy! Hey, sometimes I get on a roll.
  • 12/15/06 - Couple more job classes, fun fun.
  • 12/13/06 - More Final Fantasy job classes and characters. As you've probably noticed, the characters have been pretty random. *laugh*
  • 12/11/06 - Couple more misc. Final Fantasy characters.
  • 12/6/06 - Added another job class, and some misc. Final Fantasy characters.
  • 11/28/06 - Did something a little different this time. Made some Final Fantasy-esque job classes, mostly from Tactics. So along with character sprites with random heads, there's also blank headless (or hairless, in the case of ones that don't have/need heads) sprites so you can paste on a head and make your own character with changing jobs. :) I haven't forgotten about the people I'm doing requests for. I just needed a break from Star Wars.
  • 11/21/06 - I get a lot of people asking the same questions, or making rude demands, so I popped up a little FAQ. :)
  • 11/13/06 - A couple new Star Wars characters. I've got some other projects lined up, but something came up. Like... Final Fantasy XII. *laugh* Ah well... I'll be back some day. :D
  • 10/22/06 - Added one original and a few Star Wars characters.
  • 10/19/06 - Four new Star Wars characters again!
  • 10/15/06 - Four new Star Wars characters.
  • 10/12/06 - I was thinking that the 'me' sprites were a bit outdated. The black coat I haven't worn in years! And... well, I still wear t-shirts and jeans, but yeah. I thought I'd do another Sithjester sprite, wearing my current favorite outfit. One question I kept getting asked about my sprite was if my hair really is that long. Well, uh, no. It reaches my butt, not my feet. But I like that hairdo, and you gotta exaggerate stuff on bitty sprites to make it look long! Anyway, I also added another real person sprite, of my dear friend Lisa.
  • 10/7/06 - Hey look, an update! Haven't done any RPG Maker stuff in a while. But I just had to give my favorite musical some love. So I've done some Wicked characters! Oh, and Fiyero's got the girly curly hair because when I saw Wicked, the actor playing him had curly hair. I was rather saddened when I saw that the original Fiyero had short hair, it just didn't fit the character as well, I thought. Ah well.
  • 5/2/06 - Just a brief update. Added a baby grand piano tileset addon.
  • 4/21/06 - Added a few more new characters, and a tileset addon.
  • 4/6/06 - Added a few new characters.
  • 3/19/06 - Moved to a new site! Added some medieval characters, including a couple colorful court jesters. They're based on characters from a weird series of stories I used to write, hence the odd names.

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